Wars of Eredhar

I’ve been thinking to make Next Generation accessible to anyone who is interested in discovering the world of young adults. So in order to do that, I’ve decided to write about a promising project created by Andrei Alexe, called Wars of Eredhar. If the title sounds catchy to you guys, let me tell you more about it. Wars of Eredhar is a fantasy novel, curently under development, which takes place in the well-designed fictional universe of Eredhar. It is actually a whole new world, with frightful creatures, characters that you will love or hate from the bottom of your hearts and fictitious places, which you may want to see with your own eyes. Are you ready cross the borders of reality and begin your journey in Eredhar?

11145187_415069772020926_3809367142923896575_nThe universe of Eredhar has five Kingdoms (Eoland, Lufia, Tregonya, Shelfron, Nuviel), each created by one of the Primordials:

  • The peaceful Kingdom of Eoland was created by Ibenyth Abigond, the primordial king who established the first dynasty of Eoland, the Abigond Dynasty. The Eolans are a kind and diplomatic people, never doing anything without thinking twice about it.
  • The cruel Kingdom of Lufia was the result of the Ethielind Orb used by a Primordial. Glithien Astith was the one that created Lufia and with it, the Astith Dynasty. The Lufians are a troublesome and tormented race, although, they once were one of the most gentle and kind people throughout the land of Eredhar.
  • The fearless Kingdom of Tregonya was brought to life my the Primordial Thoadien Glardodith, through one of the five Ethielind Orbs. Thoadien was the first of a troublesome dynasty, the Glardodith Dynasty. Tregonians were a feisty nation, from the peasants to its leaders, never backing out of a fight. Although they weren’t the brightest throughout Eredhar, through their strong will and bodies they managed to raise impressive establishments.
  • The wise Kingdom of Shelfron was the miracle created by the Primordial Seveladith Abithien. Shelfronians were the wisest of them all. They were a mystical nation, full of mysteries and so powerful, in ways that not even the Primordial Kings could have imagined.
  • The cunning Kingdom of Nuviel was the creation of the Primordial Athold Larewien. The Nuvians have always been a sneaky people. They have never been keen on trust, known for backstabbing anyone, just to be able to gain more and more every time. A mysterious nation, full of secrets, very skilled in the mischievous arts.

When the darkness threatens to overcome Eredhar, the rulers must put aside their grudges and come together to withstand the evil at hand. The dangers hide in the shadow, ready to test the virtues of the characters. If they win, we do not know, but the wars will not spare anyone. So do you have enough courage to fight along Luna and survive the mighty war?

After you managed to know each Kingdom, which one suits your interest ? If you want to take a closer look at the Wars of Eredhar or even to contribute at its development, access http://eredhar.wix.com/warsoferedhar.

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